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So What Does A Tutorial Include?

So What Does A Tutorial Include?

Firstly, all bait is included as well as all terminal tackle that may be used during our session. As well as this, the ticket price to venues is also included (subject to arrangement) but I can let you know before hand depending on where we arrange to meet.

A quick look at the implications and dangers of our surroundings is the first thing we look at but it’s not long before we get onto watercraft, bait use and fish safety and care. As we go through this, a good walk of the venue is always a must and I’ll show you how I’d go about looking for our quarry and what to look at before setting up, which is crucial.

After we’ve settled on swim choice – bait placement and strategies will be discussed but as no one day is ever the same, that will and can change at the drop of a coin.

Basic casting will also be shown depending on your capabilities and tackle.

Also, photos during the day will also be taken as well as any catch pictures. Lastly, a feedback document is sent to all that take place which highlights a few points that I may have noted during the day.


Short winter angling sessions…

It’s the same old scenario. The cold weather comes around, fish feeding times slow down and inevitably catch rates become rarer. However, banks are usually quieter and by keeping on the move carp can still be caught and I can show you how to keep those bites coming. Don’t put your rods away just because it’s cold, it’ll make you a better angler by experiencing all that carp angling has to offer you.



Casting is another thing that I can show you with a safe and dynamic explanation as long range angling was a particular favourite of mine so if you’re looking to put extra distance on your casting, I can certainly show you how it’s done in a safe manner with correct and balanced tackle.


Bait talk…

It always makes me gasp in belief as people often spend hundreds of thousands of pounds on tackle and bivvies but misunderstand the importance of bait and its applications. It really is a misunderstood part of carp angling and I feel that the lack of education is what makes the majority of people think that it’s nothing of importance. I can show you and explain to you, exactly why you should try to understand bait and all its wonder. To gain a better understanding of it and its contents, will only make you a better all round angler.


Note: Although I will invariably talk about bait as we angle more time can be spent looking at this subject in its entirety or on a separate booking if required