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image2“Facebook and magazines had nearly finished my carp fishing, a session with Joe has revived it! Hours spent reading about every rig and bait and trying to replicate it on the bank left my head spinning and sitting in hope of a bite. My session with Joe helped me cut through the bull, and have a simple, no nonsense approach that I could use to catch carp. My session saw me catch 5 carp and a tench, nothing massive, on a rig I would never of tied because it was to ‘simple’. I have since replicated that session on a lake that’s been frustrating me for 10 long sessions for a single carp, and I had one within a short afternoon session. I’m by no means the finished article, but have a good basis from which to build and learn more and expand my carp fishing knowledge, all thanks to Joe’s coaching session.” – Dave Preston



“I booked my tutorial after my fishing had become what I can best describe as ‘flat’, and was hoping joe would help reignite this for me. This was certainly achieved. He explained how to lighten up my gear and take a more mobile approach and after fishing 4 different swims we got our just desserts. Whilst fishing he explained some simple rigs and helped me to tie these. I thought I could cast ok but Joe explained about feeling the lead down, and after some practice He managed to help me to do this. His knowledge of bait and their ingredients is immense and he passed some of this on to me, which I’m sure will help me to choose my choice of bait wisely. Choose Joe for a tutorial you won’t be disappointed an all round nice bloke who’s willing to help in any aspect of fishing.” – Ian Wilkins


carp-tuition“I’ve been fishing for a few years, and found on many occasions that there was something missing. Something I couldn’t work out so I decided to book a days tuition with Joe, after meeting him at a charity event. Firstly, let’s put myths or expectations to rest. Joe is not a sponsored angler, so everything that he provided, from bait through to leads, came from his own pocket. Joe is a gentleman, and made me feel at ease immediately. He has a way of passing on his knowledge without making you feel like you should already know it. I had an incredible day and learned so much that will it undoubtedly improve my fishing, and what is more, I will most definitely not only recommend that anyone wanting tuition check him out, but I’m already looking to book with him again, because you can never stop learning. Thanks Joe for a great day and a new personal best to boot! I look forward to doing it again. ” – David James