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Why angling tuition?

SO YOU WANT TO LEARN? If you think about it, there are hundreds of courses that you can take which will give you a kick start into learning about one particular subject. It doesn't really matter whether its sailing, painting or mathematics for that matter. If you


Eggs…..The forgotten inclusion

It’s probably the one thing that people don’t give a second thought to especially those that perhaps have a go at rolling a bit of bait at home. A bit more thought and it will make a difference in the overall nutritional value of your

Crafty Carper Tv Guide to Bait Making – Pt2

Essex boy Joe Turnbull guides you through some more of the basics of making your own boiled carp baits, offering hints and tips along the way. Joe contributes to monthly carp fishing magazines Crafty Carper and Carpworld, focusing on all aspects of bait and its

BaitTech Feature – Oily Boilies

Joe Turnbull shows you a quick and easy but highly attractive PVA bag mix that can get you those extra bites! Works wonders in warm water, summer conditions and you can use any of our range of oils to make up your own combination!

iTalkTackle.com Feature Feb 2012 – Part 1of 2

Joe Turnbull is usually writing for the monthly magazine Carpworld, however iTalkTackle.com took a few hours of his time and joined him on the bank at Birds Green Fishery, Essex. The video features many useful tips from bait placement to using Fox Arma Mesh plus